Common causes and solutions for burrs in laser cutting

urr is a common phenomenon in the laser cutting process, which manifests in various sharp corners, burrs and other irregular metal parts that appear at the transition of the workpiece surface. However, common does not mean that the generation of burrs can be accepted. It directly affects the dimensional accuracy, shape and position accuracy and surface roughness of the processed parts, reduces product quality, and brings subsequent inspection, assembly, use performance and aesthetics. There are many problems, so burrs should be avoided as much as possible.

Is the burr produced by laser cutting necessarily a quality problem of the cutting machine?

When many companies use a laser cutting machine for cutting, they find that the cut workpiece has a lot of burrs, and the quality is very unsatisfactory, so they suspect that the quality of the cutting machine has problems. Is this really the reason? In fact, it is not necessarily. In most cases, the burrs are not caused by the quality problems of the laser cutting machine itself, but because of the wrong operation method of the operator or the improper maintenance of the cutting machine.

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