Our commitment to our customer is to offer the absolute best machinery, service, and value in the laser marking and pad printing industry today.

Automated Marking Solutions is now Automark. Our group has been a manufacturer and distributor of printing equipment and consumables since 2013. During this period, Automark has grown into a very experienced supplier for the pad printing and laser marking industry. Through our knowledge and experience we now have a complete range of different customers from all industries including medical, industrial, cosmetic, automotive, oil and gas, and many other industries. We support small companies up to large Fortune 500 Corporations and have worked to manufacture machinery for some of the largest companies in the world today.

Pad Printing

In 2020, we partnered with Tampo Techniek Nederland BV (TTN) to offer pad printing equipment for the North American Market. TTN has manufactured custom made pad printing equipment for nearly 40 years. TTN has the widest selection of pad printing equipment offered by a single company in existence today. From 1 color manual units all the way up to 6 color fully automated custom solutions are possible. Conveyors, indexing tables, pick and place units, pre- and post-treatment options, dryers, and more are all possible. Automatic loading and part packing after printing is also possible.


The TTN machines utilize the highest end equipment to manufacture their pad printers in the Netherlands including Siemens controls, INA bearings, and Festo pneumatics.


We offer the following consumable for your pad printing equipment:

  • Clichés – In all qualities, types, and sizes.
  • Pads – In standard shapes, qualities an differing degrees of hardness.
  • Inks, thinners, and hardeners for many different types of substrates.
  • Rings – Both ceramic and carbide rings are available for nearly any machine and can easily be manufactured for your group.
  • Miscellaneous – Mixing cups, sticks, rubber gloves, etc.


Our lasers are manufactured in accordance to the highest standards and are designed by our group in Austin, TX.  We offer standard models in stock for quick turnaround but can also custom build solutions, turning your group’s idea into reality.


Unlike our competitors, who offer one or two laser sources with a standard configuration.  We manufacture every laser system from the ground up.  We utilize four laser sources, UV, fiber, CO2 and green lasers to customize nearly any portion of the laser.  Need robot integration, an extended table, a unique mounting angle, have speed or processing requirements others cannot meet?  Our group has been able to manufacture solutions even our largest competitors cannot offer.


We offer laser solutions for every price point and can build laser marking units, laser welders, cleaning lasers, and laser cutters that are out of the box functional or can be combined into much larger workstations or workshop flow.  Our software is included in all of these solutions, so that when your group receives the laser it is plug-and-play ready.