TTN manufactures every pad by hand in Valkenswaard, Netherlands. Special shaped pad printing pads can be made upon request for exacting applications. 

The TTN Pad Advantage


A harder pad yields a crisper image but comes at the cost of wrapping an object. We offer multiple hardness levels.


All of the pads stocked for North America are anti-static so you don't have to worry about static electricity during printing.


We offer a variety of shapes to conform to many different parts, whether a large square pad or cylindrical small diameter.


Hundreds of different pads in different shapes, sizes and durometers in stock for same-day shipping.


Each pad sold by Automark has a coding system on the back of the pad placed there by TTN.  The graphic to the right is an example of this coding system and is explained below.

  • First digit series (72 in the illustration to the right) – Model of the pad which can be selected in the pad catalogue.
  • Second digit series (5 in the illustration to the right) – Hardness of the pad based on shore rating scale 00-10.  00 is the softest pads we offer and 10 is the hardest, with 5 representing medium hardness.  Most of the pads sold are 5 shore.
  • Third digit (1 in the illustration to the right) is based on the quality of the pad 1-4.  Our anti-static pads are long life and reduce static dissipation and so the number 3 will be in this spot.
  • The last number (5 in the illustration to the right) denotes the thread type in metric system.  Our pads are made using 5 or 6 mm screws, so most of the time we will see 5 mm pads being stocked and used in this case.