Automark Fiber Laser Cutters

Automark Fiber Laser Cutters

Models 6060 and 1309

CAD Cutaway Drawing of the AMS 6060 Jewelry Fiber Laser Cutter
6060 Laser Cutter
CAD Cutaway Drawing of the AMS 1309 Fiber Laser Cutter
1309 Laser Cutter

The perfect 2D fiber laser cutting solution balancing precision, speed, and power.

Automark 6060 Corner View
6060 Side View

Built With a purpose

The 6060 and 1309 have large openings and are built to offer easy loading of parts in and out of the laser system.  The lasers have convenient access around the machine, as well as easy to access doors.  The beds of these laser systems allow for easy part pickup after laser cutting.


The 6060 fiber laser cutter provides extremely fine detailed cutting perfect for precision work in the jewelry industry to cutting UAV parts. 


The 1309 fiber laser cutter offers nearly the same detail and is an excellent choice for sheet metal cutting in industries such as computer cabinet manufacturers, aerospace, medical, and automotive components, and even toy manufacturers.

1309 Side View

See the 6060 In action

The detail is in the cut

The 6060 and 1309 can easily cut gold, silver, brass, nickel, titanium, aluminum, stainless steel, copper, and about anything else you can throw at it.

Side View of Automark Fiber Laser Cutting Bed
1309 Large Cutting Bed

Accessible Bed

A large bed with easy to access door allows quick loading and unloading of sheet metals that weigh up to 50 lbs for the 6060 and 225 lbs for the 1309.  The 6060 bed size is approximately 24 inches square.  The 1309 bed size is approximately 51×36 inches.

AMS 6060 Inside View
6060 Cutting Bed with Pickup Tray
Automark Fiber Laser Cutter 1000 watt Cutting Parameters
Thickness Shown for 1000 watt Variant

Speed and Power

Using the 1000 watt Automark fiber laser cutter, operators can cut up to 100 meters per minute with 0.02mm degrees of repetitive accuracy.  The table to the left shows common metal thicknesses a 1000 watt (1kw) variation can achieve.  Common lasers integrated into the 6060 and 1309 are 1, 1.5, 2, and 3 kilowatts.  The higher the wattage the thicker the parts that can be cut while simultaneously increasing speed.