Circumferential Pad Printing Solutions

Rotating Parts

Cylindrical printing lends itself to more than complete 360° printing.  Sometimes parts need flipped and then printed again.  This is often the case with glassware and medical components.  Watch the video to the right to see how we achieve rotational printing and full 360° printing on some common applications.

Do you have a part that needs cylindrically printed?  Reach out to us to learn how we can help.

Means options like this are

The programmable shuttle is a standard feature on the Professional Series.  This allows roll printing along the X-axis and the Y-axis.  In fact, a TTN Professional Series printer can be loaded with a tray of golf balls and since each axis is independently driven, the Professional Series pad printer can print on the entire tray!  Simply drop the tray in and walk away only to come back minutes later to printed balls.

Catheter Tube Printer 300

Catheter tube printing

By modifying the Professional Series pad printers, TTN is able to manufacture a pad printer to move along the tranverse axis delivering the pad to then roll print catheter tubes.  This machinery can also be delivered with pre- and post-treatment options.  All TTN Machinery is built with anodized aluminum, steel, and painted or powder coated parts.  This keeps your clean room, clean, while maintaining FDA compliance.