Manual Pad Printer

TTN HP90 - One Color Pad Printing Machine


This is a hand operated 1-color manual pad printer machine. The manual pad printing machine is delivered with a base plate of 100x200mm and an ink cup of 90mm diameter which allows you to print images that fit inside the round 80mm maximum print area.

Easily adjust the manual pad printer downward stroke maximum limits by setting the position with the stroke limiter.  Quickly adjust the fixture table with the included Allen wrench.  This is the finest built manual pad printer available in the marketplace.  Every TTN HP90 manual pad printing machine is built with:

  • INA bearings manufactured by the Schaeffler Group in Germany
  • Anodized aluminum construction for medical cleanroom compliance
  • High end ink cup found on our Universal and Professional Series
  • Dual steel guide rails
  • Hardened carbon steel arm
  • A perfectly level baseplate also found on our Universal and Professional Series
  • For additional technical information download the PDF file.


    manual pad printing machine
    manual pad printer cliche
    Side View
    manual pad printer mounting instructions
    Cliche Close Up


    • 120 Parts Per Hour Printing
    • Two images per cliche
    • Quick image change in 60 seconds
    • Fast cleanup
    • Built for decades of use


    • Ink cup, pad holder, and pad can be used on the Universal 90. 
    • Baseplate, pad holder, pad and ink cup can be used on the Professional series one color unit.


    • Hardened steel, INA bearings, durable paint job, universal adjustment points, and quick change positioning is found throughout the entire TTN line. 

    The Benchmark Standard

    Thousands of manual pad printing machines by TTN have been sold for nearly two decades all around the world.  They are the benchmark standard in manually marking parts.  These machines have been sold to Lego enthusiasts, aerospace companies, billion dollar medical companies, and many others. 

    The TTN HP90 manual pad printers come complete with everything you need to get started.  The manual pad printing machine HP90 weighs 37 lbs. and is built using the finest materials.  A simple benchtop mount is all that is needed to get started. 

    Our group can make printing plates by submitting artwork or you can purchase a UV Exposure unit or laser and make your own printing plates.  Ink mixing instructions are available here and a complete English User Manual comes with the machine.

    Fixturing parts to insure the part does not move during printing can be done using our proprietary silicone molding compound.  This compound solidifies in minutes and provides perfect part fixtures that will not damage substrates due to the soft silicone surface.  See the tutorial here.


    TTN HP 90 EKO TE / 1 - Color
    TTN HP 120 EKO 2 TC / 2 - Colors