Tagless Label Printing

Tagless Label printing Displaces Heat transfer and screen printing

Get rid of that itchy tag. With the ability to tagless print being the fastest and least expensive ways to mark t-shirts and other apparel, it is no wonder many of the world’s leading brands are using pad printers to tagless print over other methods.

Whether you are using a manual HP90 or the Universal Series, the quality will be excellent with font type as small as 6 points.  Machine setup is fast and ink changeovers are painless.

Up to 1500 prints per hour, the ability to change images in seconds, and a simple user interface, it is no wonder why many people choose the Universal Series as their machine of choice for tagless printing.

pad printer with t-shirt fixture for tagless printing

easy setup

The Universal Series machines are extremely easy to setup.  With the ability to change images in seconds this machine is a clear winner as the entire machine can be setup out of the box to print in minutes. All you need is compressed air and a normal wall outlet to start.

tagless printed

Inks without curing

Print and Pack.  No Drying.  No kidding.


Our CPSIA safe and compliant ink is durable to at least 50 washes and a lasts much longer.  Print brighter white than any competitor ink with our AM-P series which has higher amounts of pigments allowing companies to print brighter whites on darker colors without special machinery or curing.

Oh yeah, did we mention that our AM-P series ink dries on fabrics instantaneously?  Print, pack and ship.

The proof

Tagless Label Printing
Fast and Easy

This customer was using a competitor’s machine which was leading to frustration and repeated downtime.  The solution was to switch to the Universal 90.  Now they maintain their production rate of 20,000 t-shirts per week with ease.


A tagless label printing t-shirt fixture specifically designed to allow both new and existing companies easy printing.

Two adjustable stainless steel clips allow for thin t-shirts or even thick sweatshirts to be inserted and secured under the clamps while the machine delivers the image.

The t-shirt fixture is natively attached to any of the TTN lineup of machines using the included bolts hidden under the clamps.

The fixture is made from a thermoplastic which is chemically stable and resistant to the AM-P series of ink.  If AM-P ink comes in contact with the fixture, simply wipe it off.  This fixture stays as good looking year 10 as it does on day 1.

Lower Costs

Less than a penny per print with
immediate drying time and
fast print time reduces
demand on other machinery
and reduces overall personnel.

Gain Time

The Universal Series can run over
1000 shirts per hour with no need
to place garments into a dryer.
Switching sizes or images can be
done in seconds and new plates
with images can be made in
minutes. No machine does more!

pad printer machine


We have sold and even displaced
other "market leaders" as the
simplicity, quality, and uptime
of our European built pad
printers surpasses the demands
of even the most particular customers.


A pad printed neck label will
last longer and look better than
other tagless print options. The
image won't peel, crack, or blur
leaving the brand looking great
wash after wash.

two color pad printing machine

Tagless label printing options

manual pad printer