TTN Universal Series 1-Color Automatic Pad Printing Machine

Pad Printer for Direct Marking

The New Universal Series - One Color


The world’s most versatile, robust, well-built and easy-to-use 1-color electro-pneumatic pad printer for direct marking just got better.  The Universal pad printing machine allows printing in a number of different configurations including 90mm, 120, and 134mm.

The efficient design allows users to primarily select one of the following ink cup configurations

The 90mm ink cup allows a maximum print of 80mm (about 3.15 inches) in diameter.  This pad printer is delivered with a baseplate of 100x250mm.


The 120mm ink cup, allowing printing in 110mm (4.33 inches) diameter.  This configuration is delivered with a baseplate of 150x300mm.


– 134mm ink cup, allowing printing up to 124mm (4.9 inches approximately)

The New Universal by TTN allows companies to invest in one size of printing, but having the ease and flexibility to expand the print area by simply purchasing a new baseplate and ink cup, should the need arise. 

For technical drawings download the PDF file.

Pad Printing Machine New Universal

The best Pad Printer just got better!

See why the New Universal pad printing machine should be
the only pad printer you consider.

Thought was placed into every portion of the re-design of this machine.  The previous generation was sold for more than 15 years and was already great.  See how we crafted an even higher level of perfection with the New Universal.

A New Interface

The new interface is designed and programmed by TTN in-house.  This touchscreen is intuitive with lightning fast response.  This interface offers the following:

  • Included Native 7 Language Support (English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Dutch, and Portuguese) with the ability to easily add more
  • Part Counter Included
  • Know True Output with Production Per Hour Counting
  • Double Print Capability for Dark Substrates
  • Tape Cleaner Function with Automatic Setting
  • Simple to use interface with items greyed out that are not offered in that stage of the menu

Increased Durability

The contrasting blue and grey surfaces of the New Universal Series are powder coated to insure increased durability against cleaners and thinners, allowing your New Universal to stay cleaner longer.

tagless t-shirt printer fixture
Two Images Per Plate

Keep That Pad Clean

The built-in optional tape cleaner is the perfect accessory to keep the printing perfect while maintaining output and high productivity.  Operators will appreciate this feature as the function is integrated into the control panel and can be easily intitiated manually or can be programmed after a set number of cycles.

Clean Room Compliant

The New Universal Series Pad Printer can be clean room compliant out of the box for the perfect solution to pad printing and direct marking medical components.

  • All steel surfaces are powder coated.

  • All aluminum parts are anodized

  • Easily upgrade the pad to a pad with a metal base and the entire machine is clean room compliant.

Superior Packaging Design

We even redesigned your initial impression!  The entire packaging is designed for low transport cost

A Magnetic Attraction

Throw away clamps, screws, and holders.  The world’s first magnetic cliche holder for an entry level system.  This allows operators to switch images in seconds.  With the ability to quickly rotate the baseplate 180°, this machine can alternate between images in seconds whether on the same plate or a new plate.


  • Fast setup using Siemens Control Panel
  • 1500 Parts Per Hour Printing
  • Two images per cliche
  • Quick image change in 60 seconds
  • Fast cleanup


  • Quickly position products with micro-adjustable X-Y table.
  • Change pressure quickly on-the-fly with easy to use front facing pneumatic buttons


  • Hardened steel, Touch Screen Control Panel, INA bearings, powder coated steel, universal adjustment points, and quick change positioning is found throughout the entire TTN line. 

Pick Your Pedestal

Universal with table Pedestal


A great companion to the New Universal Series with hidden storage that is the perfect height for ink cans and owner’s manuals.  This pedestal attaches to a table allowing TTN pad printers to easily attach.


Perfect for mounting the Universal Series pad printer but can easily accomodate the entire line of TTN Pad Printers, with the ability to level the feet and plenty of easily accessible storage.


A much larger XY Table with the ability to lower the table further than adjustments on other pedestals.  This allows incororpation of additional fixtures like the XY Fixture with Rotational adjustment (shown above) for quick micro-adjustment.


TTN UNIVERSAL 120 / 1 - Color
TTN UNIVERSAL 200 / 2 - Color
TTN UNIVERSAL 200 LTC / 2 - Colors