1- Color Manual Pad Printer HP90

1-Color Manual Pad Printer HP90

Highest Quality Manual Pad Printer

The HP90 manual pad printer comes with a 90 mm ink cup (3.1 Inch Max Printing Area) and ships with pad, baseplate, mounting hardware, and fixture table which can be adjusted.  Shipping weight for the machine is 37 lbs and is free in the Continental USA.

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This manual pad printer is an excellent way to print logos on glassware/barware, candles, pens, golf balls, medical devices, and even prototypes.   The HP90 manual pad printer comes with a 90 mm ink cup (3.1 Inch Max Printing Area), pad, full 1 kg container of ink, thinner, hardener, metal baseplate, and all mounting hardware.  The only thing you need to do is decide the image you want to print.  With the TTN UV Mark exposure unit, printing plates can be made fast and affordable.  With the Automark fiber laser (https://www.automarkco.com/product/amfm-e/), you can engrave your own printing plates for less than $6 in a matter of 20 seconds and be printing a new image in seconds.

The TTN HP90 manual pad printer is built in Holland by hand.  It has an adjustable fixture plate which allows parts to be easily centered depending on their height along with a built-in stop for accurate repeatability.  The machine is built with many of the identical parts used to make the larger Universal 90 (https://www.automarkco.com/pad-printing-2/pad-printing/ttn-universal-90/), including INA bearings, which provide years of accurate and smooth action.

The entire manual pad printer package ships anywhere free in the continental USA and will arrive in two boxes.  The first will contain all mounting hardware and the manual pad printer, the second box will contain ink(s) and their associated thinner and hardener products.

Be up and running in minutes with the online setup guide: https://youtu.be/leDjgEt0mFY

Our group will be with you 100% of the way to make sure you are running at your peak.

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I will mount it to my own table, Universal Series 42 Inch high base with leveling feet, hidden shelving and pre-drilled holes