Polypropylene Pad Printing Ink


Available in 1 Kg. Containers

1 Liter

1 Liter

0.25 Liter Bottle – Mixed at 5% this additive can assist with adhesion and possibly eliminate the need to pre-treat


  • Fast drying
  • Can print on untreated polypropylene
  • Extremely impervious ink for polypropylene pad printing
  • Flexible ink allows printing on a range of polypropylene substrates

Additional information

Weight 2.3 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 8 in

AM-PP HD21 HD Yellow, AM-PP01 Black, AM-PP02 HD White, AM-PP03 Yellow, AM-PP04 Orange, AM-PP05 Green, AM-PP06 Bright Blue, AM-PP07 Light Blue, AM-PP08 Purple, AM-PP09 Ruby Red, AM-PP10 Dark Red, AM-PP11 Maroon, AM-PP12 Brown, AM-PP20 HD Orange, AM-PP22 HD Red