Marabu Pad printing inks

These inks are available in many standard colors. We can also supply custom-made colors in any mixing system, for example PMS, RAL, HKS etc.


We can also supply mixed colors based on color samples which are supplied to us. With the use of a spectrophotometer device we can measure the color and match this color precisely.


Marabu also has free software available to allow the mixing of colors, based on the standard colors they offer. This software contains recipes for all ink qualities and and in all color systems.


Please choose for the internet version! By selecting the internet version, all mixing recipes will be updated automatically.

Which Marabu Ink series is right for you?

Marabu TPY

The Marabu TPY is one of our most popular and versatile pad printing inks. This ink is specifically popular in the promotional items industry, because of its diversity. The ink can be used in either 1-component or 2-component. For additional information please download the TDS.

Mara prop PP

PP is short for polypropylene. This is a kind of plastic on which normal pad printing ink doesn’t adhere without the use of pre-treatment. However, with Marabu PP pad printing ink in many cases it is possible to print on polypropylene without the use of pre-treatment. This ink can only be used as a 1-component ink. For additional information please check the pdf file.

Learn more about pre-treatment options by watching our video here.

Tampa Glass TPGL

This pad printing ink is used for printing on glass, ceramics and pottery. Besides that, the ink is also suitable for printing metal surfaces like chrome, aluminum, steel, etc. This ink is only available as a 2-component ink. If the ink is cured with heat, it becomes dishwasher safe. For additional information please check the pdf file.

Tampa Sport TPSP

This pad printing ink has excellent wear and abrasion resistance and is for the garment industry.  It is perfect for tagless t-shirt printing or even printing on soles for athletic footwear.  This ink is flexible, wash resistant, and has high fade resistance.  For additional information please check the pdf file.

Tampa Pur TPU

TPU is a pad printing ink with extremely good chemical and mechanical resistance. The ink has to be used as a 2-component ink. For additional information please check the pdf file.

Tampa Tex TPX

The TPX ink is specially developed for the textile industry. This ink has an OEKOTEX TM certificate. TPX ink is used a lot for tagless printing T-shirts, trousers, caps, shoes, lingerie etc. TPX is also suitable for other applications as it is flexible. For additional information please check the pdf file.

Tampa Star TPT

The TPT ink is primarily used for the polyethylene and polypropylene markets, but it does work on other substrates.   For additional information please check the pdf file.

Mixing Ink Is a Science Not an Art

Whether you are mixing a 1-component or 2-component ink, let us assist by guiding you in the specifics on how to achieve the perfect viscosity and get your pad printing machine up and running fast.

Inks Formulated For Professionals

Low Quality Ink Can Cost Your Group Thousands

The ink substrate guide is a fairly comprehensive overview of the ink series offered and can assist in selecting the specific ink for your job.