Pad Printing Pads

Pad Printing Pads

TTN manufactures every pad by hand in Valkenswaard, Netherlands. Special shaped pad printing pads can be made upon request for exacting applications. 

The TTN Pad Advantage


A harder pad yields a crisper image but comes at the cost of wrapping an object. We offer multiple hardness levels.


All of the pads stocked for North America are anti-static so you don't have to worry about static electricity during printing.


We offer a variety of shapes to conform to many different parts, whether a large square pad or cylindrical small diameter.


Hundreds of different pads in different shapes, sizes and durometers in stock for same-day shipping.


Each pad sold by Automark has a coding system on the back of the pad placed there by TTN.  The graphic to the right is an example of this coding system and is explained below.

  • First digit series (72 in the illustration to the right) – Model of the pad which can be selected in the pad catalogue.
  • Second digit series (5 in the illustration to the right) – Hardness of the pad based on shore rating scale 00-10.  00 is the softest pads we offer and 10 is the hardest, with 5 representing medium hardness.  Most of the pads sold are 5 shore.
  • Third digit (1 in the illustration to the right) is based on the quality of the pad 1-4.  Our anti-static pads are long life and reduce static dissipation and so the number 3 will be in this spot.
  • The last number (5 in the illustration to the right) denotes the thread type in metric system.  Our pads are made using 5 or 6 mm screws, so most of the time we will see 5 mm pads being stocked and used in this case.